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Leaking / Discharging ears

Ears that discharge (leak) can be a nuisance, embarrassment or an inconvenience.


They are frequently managed by cotton wool mopping or plugging. Whilst this may reduce the impact temporarily it may not be the best treatment.


Generally, leaking ears are a signal that the ear is not happy.


There are two main causes of leaking ears – ear infections (swimmer’s ear or middle ear infections) or cholesteatoma.  Given that both can go on to disrupt healthy ear functions it is important that they are seen by a specialist soon. 


The specialist will conduct an examination under a microscope or use an endoscope to better understand why your ears are leaking. They may have to remove the wax so that they can see the whole ear canal and ear drum. 


Depending on the cause, appropriate treatment plans can be arranged after one good examination. 

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